• Big Bang Gloss

    Lipstick Queen

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    This futuristic formula uses small particles of shimmer to blur out lines and give your lips the illusion of fuller voluptuous lips.


     Lipstick Queen's Big Bang 'Theory' when it comes to the lips is:

    "Women spend a lot of time looking for products that maximize the expansion of the lips. It seems like everyday there is a new lip plumping creation, most of which are uncomfortable to use and end up in the black hole of your bathroom drawer. I've taken all my knowledge of the lip cosmos and have put all my energy into designing these eight shades of gloss for a big bang effect. Each shade has my exact ratio of shine to shimmer to create the illusion of fuller lips. So don't waste anymore space on the lip plumpers that sting- with the right formula, the possibilities for fuller looking lips and luxurious comfort and infinite."





  • Big Bang Gloss
  • Creation
  • Energy
  • Cosmos
  • Infinite
  • Black Hole
  • Time
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  • Expansion

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