• Junsei Serum

    Kimiko Beauty

  • $85.00

  • Description

      • The Ultimate Solution to Dull, Aging Skin

    The Japanese word Junsei stands for Pure, Perfect and Genuine. This essential serum was designed for fighting environmental stress and damage, yet offers soothing, calming hydration. Superstar ingredients help to fend off damaging free radicals with a time-released system.

    A single application delivers up to 7 fresh bursts of treatment throughout the day or night. Continued use of Junsei Serum will help to smooth out fine lines, brighten and even out skin tone and give a renewed appearance to the skin.

    The advanced Nano-particle Delivery System™ gives optimal ingredient performance through microencapsulation, which allows the stability and potency of the ingredients to remain intact. Junsei Serum thus has the ability to continually deliver essential nourishment and age-fighting action every moment that you wear it.

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